Why Canoeing is a Great Outdoor Watersport

Nearly two million people go canoeing in Britain alone, it is an ever-growing sport and it is easy to see why. Canoeing is a thing of variety, if you want to be a thrill seeker then you can find the most dangerous white-water rapids or if you want a simple relaxing stroll down stream in the sun, no matter what you have your answer.

Unlike similar individual sports such as cycling or running canoeing will bring you closer to nature, interacting with numerous water life you will not be able to feel the calming and tranquil state of nature and of the great outdoors when canoeing. It has been proven that just being outside taking in the nature of the world will lower your stress levels, taking you out the suffocating cities into natures gentle grasp.

If you ignore from these great reasons to pick up canoeing and do simply look at it as a sport or an exercise. The amount of upper body strength and cardio training canoeing will provide you is immense. The self-propelled nature of the sport will provide you such a good core strength, with relative low impact on your body.

It is a sport that does not require too much physical strain but delivers so many physical rewards. Just from moving the paddle you will see improvements in your back, arms, shoulders and chest. From even the simplest strolls you will see benefits.

Canoeing is such an accessible sport as previously mentioned the things you can do in a canoe are nearly unlimited, a sport that relieves you from stress of the suffocating city with it`s natural ties to nature, and with an unbelievable amount of physical and mental benefits. It should be a no brainer to pick up your nearest paddle and give it a splash.

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