These Are The 6 Highest Paying Sports Worldwide

We all know money in sports varies dramatically. Some players earn enough in a year to set them up for life while others need to supplement their income with another job to pay rent. These six sports are very well paid and it’s due to the sport is the most popular. If more people pay to see the games then more stadiums get sold out and bigger stadiums are built. I should add, these sports are worldwide. If you need to transfer money abroad, maybe to get a friend to book tickets for a big sports event, I’d recommend plutuspocket.


So, one of the highest paying sports in the world is our American Football. A number of our players reach Forbes richest people list and it’s no secret why. I’m always going to games and am always taken aback by the sheer amount of love and support people have for the game. Stadiums are always full of screaming fans. Also, the sport has the highest-paid managers. In 2004, Peyton Manning became the third richest man on Forbes’ list with $42 million.


The second highest paying sport in the world is tennis. This is surprising because the likelihood of a tennis player becoming a professional is extremely low. But once they reach the big leagues, a large payout definitely becomes an option. Both women and men can earn huge sums in the sport but players in the ranking that are between 200 and 2,000 may make absolutely nothing at all. It’s astonishing. For the big tournaments, the winners will take eighteen percent of the prize money out of the 128 players that qualify. And this doesn’t even include product advertisement which is a huge part of the sports industry. The highest-paid tennis players include Andy Murray, Roger Federer, and Serena Williams.


The third highest-paid sport is golf. I’ve never really understood golf. It seems like a lot of rich people wandering around the grass. But like I say, they’re rich. As are the competitive players, like Tiger Woods. Forbes has listed him as the most successful athlete ever for being in the Forbes annual list a grand total of eleven times. That’s one rich guy! In 2002, it was reported he had $69 million.

Ice Hockey

The fourth highest-paid sport is, of course, Ice Hockey. It’s a very physically demanding game and players need to be on top form in terms of conditioning and fitness. The average earnings for players are between $1.54 million and $3.54 million. I’ve seen some hideous ice hockey-related injuries in my time. They deserve every nickel.


The fifth highest paying sport in the world is soccer. Our European cousins across the water seem to love this game and by looking at the amount players can earn, it’s easy to see why. Players like David Beckham, Lionel Messi, Wayne Rooney, and so many others get a huge sum of money from the game. Beckham is retired and even he still makes loads through advertisements alone. In the sports world, many stars earn less in a year than these high up football players make in a week. It’s mind-blowing. Now, these salaries depend upon a lot of things: the deals the club owners have negotiated for them, various tax systems, and the team they play for. There’s also more money to be earned by scoring more goals and again, through various advertisements. Many earn millions of dollars a year.


The last highest-paid sport on the list is basketball. In Lebron James’ sixteen years, he earned $540 million. He’s the highest-paid player in the sport, earning roughly $92 million a year, breaking world records.

How Baseball Became The Great American Pastime

It’s hard to go anywhere in America these days without being smacked in the face with baseball merchandise. Every city has a baseball team that they love an almost alarming amount, so much so that they invest millions into their teams every year. Every city wants to be the best in baseball and so they will buy the best players, upgrade their stadiums, and do anything to keep their adoring fans happy. Say the word baseball in any bar in any city and you’re bound to start some sort of riot, usually between Yankee and Sox fans. It’s obvious that baseball has engraved itself into American culture and it shows no sign of going anywhere anytime soon. But, just how did baseball become the great American pastime that everyone cherishes today?

The History

If you look back historically, then it is easy to see why the sport is held so dearly to the average American. People label baseball as the first professionally played sport in America, due to the establishment of the National American Leagues in 1871.  Other sports like soccer and basketball were not played professionally until the turn of the 20th century, and so baseball has had a position in our culture for far longer, meaning that it is understandable that people resonate with the sport so much.  Due to its position as one of the only professional sports available to play, baseball managed to gain a huge following from its early established days. Everyone wanted to take part, and so they did.


The Sport

The game itself, depending on what level you play at, is extremely inclusive. The rules are pretty straightforward and depending on how big your pitch is, the game isn’t necessarily too athletic. There are hundreds of leagues that match the capability group of any kind of baseball fan. From children that enjoy the game, dads who want a bit of time with their friends or just someone who is looking for some fun competitive sports, this game is perfect for anyone. This is one of the reasons that the game has continued to be so popular throughout the years, as it is something an entire family can take part in. Plus, it’s not a game that is hard to be good at if you do all of the necessary research and practice, there are plenty of sites online that provide handy tips on how to really make the most of the game. It’s always a good idea to turn to the Baseball Bible when you are looking for some advice on how to play the game to the best of your ability, sometimes getting the right equipment can really help you out so looking at these handy sites can make playing the game a lot easier.


The culture that surrounds baseball has also helped it stay very prevalent in society. Nothing brings America together more than the upcoming world series, even if you support opposing teams, it’s easy to get on with someone that loves your favorite sport just as much as you do. There is nothing more American than adorning your team’s colors, meeting up with your friends, and watching the game. America’s commercial sector also makes the most of this, businesses decorate their buildings based on their local team and sell beloved merchandise that everyone displays proudly.  The baseball season really brings every city to life with excitement, it provides a sense of community that really brings everyone together, so what is not to love?


Attending a baseball game is bound to get you hooked on the entire sport, even if you’re someone who doesn’t really care about the game. The atmosphere is absolutely electric, with the sound of cheering crowds and salesmen flogging merch and greasy food, being on a game is a great way to bond with people you have never met before and is an environment unlike any that you have ever been in before. It only gets better as the game goes on, as people make or lose out on home runs the crowd shifts in feeling and gets rowdy. This may seem intimidating to someone looking in on the game, but when you are part of this feeling, there is nowhere else you would rather be.


Americans also hold the sport so dearly because it is arguably their sport. No other country in the world engages with baseball more than the Americans, and so they take a sense of pride in this notion and attempt to be as fanatical as possible about their beloved sport. It’s just a part of the American identity, America would not be America without its love of baseball. It has been a large part of the lives of everyone that lives in America and for some, it would be difficult to imagine their lives without it, that’s why it is the great American pastime.

Why Team Building is Vital for any Sports Team

Humanity has always gravitated toward sports. There are a number of reasons for this. Our early ancestors would have played a rudimentary form of sport as exercise and for entertainment. As society advanced sport also became an industry, garnering spectators, betting and teams that can be used for profit. This all culminated in the modern day where sports dominate the world. They are a measure of physical achievement. They are a way of people settling scores and entertaining themselves. But above all else, they bring us together as a species. And if sports bring us together, then being in a team is the ultimate bond you can form. Below we are going to be looking at why Team Building is vital for the survival and success of any sports team, no matter your game.


In any sport, trust is absolutely everything. Any sport that requires a team will require that team to function as a whole. This cannot happen without trust. In strategic terms, you need to be able to trust that your teammate is where they are supposed to be when you need them to be there. In football, you need to trust you can pass the ball and they will receive it. This sort of trust falls down to rigorous training as a team to make sure you know your teammates as on the ball, but also that they know you are.

But a team cannot wor of this trust alone. For a team to function it needs to work as a proper team. The trust between players needs to be deeper than simply knowing your teammates can play. It has been proven that people who trust each other on a deeper level are able to function together better at any task than people who don’t. And when you are competing, this can mean the difference between victory and defeat. So it is vital that your team building involves learning how to communicate with each other and build stronger bonds.


Team building exercises also involve building strategies that work off your teams’ strengths and weaknesses. Different players will be better at some things than others and will often be more comfortable in a different position on the field. For any team to succeed it needs to make sure it understands these strengths and weaknesses. To discover peoples different strengths and weaknesses, you could look at playing different information gathering games with the team. A great game is ‘Who is most likely to‘ which can be altered to include questions specific to the sport and strategy that will be employed. Through this method, you can discover who is best suited for what role in your team. In the world of sport, the strategy is often first, with physical skill being a close second. So this is an important aspect that can’t be overlooked for any team keen to win!

Physical Fitness

Team building is also a fantastic way to improve the physical fitness of yourself and the rest of the team. Two birds with one stone. There are so many great exercise regimes that require people to partner up. By practising these methods your team will become closer than ever before and learn to trust each other even more.

A great starting point is a group running. Running together as a team will teach you all to pace your self and move as a single unit, rather than running ahead and leaving the team behind. Another method is spotting while at the gym. Using a buddy system to alternate spotters means you are going to get quality one-on-one time with each other and will bond like never before.

Tackling an outdoors obstacle course as a team is another great method for team building and exercise. Everyone has seen the fantastic, yet challenging, courses that exist. Wall climbing, pole jumping, balancing acts and climbing sections. All this and more is designed to test you and your team. By working together you will find you are bonding and getting in a solid workout at the same time.

All of these points culminate to show you why team building is one of, if not the most important aspect any sports team needs to consider.

9 Sports Innovations that Changed the Athletic World

Sports have been around about as long as civilization itself. In all that time you would expect there to be some pretty hefty improvements. Well, my friend, you are not wrong. So what are some of the most significant sports innovations that have been discovered over the last millennia? Here are a fun and somewhat informative list of some of the most significant innovations that helped make sports that little bit easier for all of us.

Sports Drinks

Have you ever found yourself desperately searching for a Lucozade or another garishly colored sports drink? Well, you’re not alone. Since their inception, these isotonic, scientifically created sports drinks have been seen in the sports bag of any number of athletes. Considering they claim to replenish lost fluids and help to ensure you don’t lose too much fluid, it’s clear why they’re such a popular choice.


Less of massive innovation and more of a fun unwritten rule of sports teams. How many times have you seen your favorite sports team on the bench munching on an orange? You may have answered never, but let us tell you, they definitely do it. You would think oranges held some kind of enhancing power – well maybe they do. But they’re certainly something that played a part in many young athletes’ lives.

Sports Bras

Okay, ladies, this one is for us. But, how did female athletes ever exist in a world without sports bras? They are an absolute necessity to the majority of female athletes across the world and for good reason. Helping to ease some of the pain of sporting, they’re a key invention in many female athletes’ lives, and with sites like gymshark offering all kinds of different sports bras, we’re spoilt for choice!

Memory Foam Soles

Potentially overlooked and maybe not used by every athlete, but have you ever taken a run in a pair of these bad boys? We can tell you from personal experience that it feels like you’re running on a cloud. If you’re more of a long-distance or high0intensity runner, trust us – your feet will thank you.

Exercise Machines

Most of us use them without a second thought, but many of us forget that these were an innovation. The complicated machines we hop onto to get our dream summer bod was the idea of some clever people. People that wanted to switch up the exercise experience for everybody. Do you want to run for miles whilst not going anywhere? Boom, treadmill. Fantastic.

Compression Socks

While it may be overlooked, an absolute godsend for athletes in the running or hiking field, this article on compression socks can tell you all of the reasons why you should invest in a decent pair for yourself. These little miracles have been designed to help prevent injury and ensure your best performance.

Cryogenic Rejuvenation

More of a recent development from what we can gather, but over the last few years, there seems to be a rise in athletes recovering in cryogenic sort of pods. The cold is supposed to help heal the muscles and improve the body’s resistance.


Cryogenic’s hotter, older brother, saunas have been around for a long time, but for good reason. There are lots to be said about the relieving effects of a sauna. From relaxing the muscles to calming the mind. It has been proven a favorite of many athletes over the years.


Probably the most important innovation for athletes has been the creation of the Olympics. A place to celebrate athletes from all fields of sport in one place and to watch them compete against the best athletes from all over the world is a stroke of genius and a must-see event for people everywhere!

5 Sports Stars Famous for Doing Charity Events.

Sports Stars have been using their large platforms and followings in order to raise money for a long time, whether it be working on events, creating merchandise to be sold such as things like t shirts and wristbands ( available at Charity work is definitely increasing and many sports stars are putting effort into getting involved to raise money for a good cause.


John Cena

Cena’s charity work is son of the most notable, he has been partaking in charity work for the best part of fifteen years in collaboration with make a wish. Make a wish have been working in order to grant the wishes of sick children for a long time and thanks to Cena who has done many charity shows to raise money for this amazing charity.


Serena Williams

Serena Williams is another great sports star who has done very commendable charity work in recent years. As an ambassador for UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) Williams has raised a lot of money for endangered children in a lot of different situations. UNICEF as a charity work to help endangered and vulnerable children in a range of different types of situations and thanks to William’s contributions to the charity and her work as an ambassador means that she has contributed a great deal to charity.


LeBron James

LeBron James is a great example of a humble sports star, he is known to not let the fame go to his head and has done a great deal of charity work using his sports fame as a platform. James has set up his own charity called the LeBron James family foundation. Lebron’s foundation raises money for a range of charities including the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, After-School All-Stars, the Children’s Defense Fund, Gabriel’s angle Foundation and ONEXONE raising a lot of money for so many different causes.



Neymar has also put a lot of work into humanity and inclusion, a charity for children that suffer from physical and mental illness. The charity focuses on improving these children’s health by focusing on activities that can help with mental cognition. The charity offers respite to parents who are struggling at home and Neymar has contributed greatly to the cause, saying that he enjoys the feeling of helping someone and their families showing he truly cares about his charity work.


Kim Yuna

A final great sports star who has made a valiant effort in their charity work would have to be Kim Yuna. Kim Yuna is a fantastic Korean skater and although she is extremely talented she is also an ambassador for UNICEF. Yuna donated over $83,000 dollars to help in the Haiti earthquakes, she has done commendable charity work in her life as well as becoming a famous figure skater. As an ambassador for UNICEF Yuna not only helped in raising funds in the earthquake relief put has also helped to raise money for vulnerable children around the world by using her sports platform as a way to spread the word and encourage her following to make donations.

The 13 Best Ever Football Matches

Manchester City 3 QPR 2- 2012

This game had everything late-goals, red cards, relegation and champions. Finding themselves 2-1 down in the 90th minute Man City scored two goals in stoppage time to win their first title 44 years. Pipping their fierce rivals Man Utd at the post. The shear drama.

Brazil 1 Germany 7- 2014

I am certain most football fans were fixing their football live stream during this game, the hosts and the favorites of the 2018 FIFA World Cup had their hopes destroyed by Die Mannschaft. After the Brazilians found themselves five nil down at half time a majority of the stadium found themselves in plain disbelief. This game must be included for its shear shock value.

Celtic 2 Porto 3- 2003

This game is a real hidden gem. In the 2003 UEFA cup final Jose Mourinho announced himself onto the scene with a dramatic win over the last great Celtic side. Despite some inspirational moments from the great Henrick Larsson, the Portuguese side simply proved too much for Celtic.

Liverpool 4 Newcastle 3- 1996

A game that is a must for any list. Awarded game of the decade by the premier league. This saw the end of plucky Newcastle’s title hopes. They took the lead three times only for the game to be ripped away from them. A nice little extra fact, before the game Newcastle manager Kevin Keegan asked his keeper why he could not make points for the team like Man Uniteds keeper. I wonder why he conceded four goals.

France 2 Italy 1- 2000

The first tournament of the new millennium definitely delivered, and this final was the perfect closer. David Trezequets extra time winner was the first time an international tournament had ended in a golden goal. Breaking Italian hearts in a goal that kickstarted a new era of French domination.

England 1 Germany 1- 1996

This one is a true heartbreaker for any England fan. In there first major tournament on home turf since 1966 the English lost to the Germans on penalties Infront of a packed Wembley crowd. The England star Paul Gaiscoigne was mere millimetres from scoring into an empty net in the 116th minute which would have surely taken England to their first major final in thirty years.

Scotland 1 Italy 2- 2007

This one is included out of personal pain, as it was the first football match I cried at. I remember being a young boy in the crowd when Scotland only needed one point to qualify for Euro 2008. In the 92nd minute the Italian striker dived for a freekick which Italy scored from for the three points. A genuine modern-day robbery. Thankfully Italy went out the group stage of the Euros.

Germany 1 England 5- 2001

What else can be said five one and even Heskey scored. The chant that can be heard at every England home game, this game has certainly gone down in football folklore. A bit of revenge for 1996.

Chelsea 1 Manchester United 1- 2008

A classic in the Champions League final in Moscow between two of the Premier Leagues greatest teams. Ronaldo put Man Utd up early in the first half, before Lampard levelled for Chelsea. What followed was an end to end game, which looked more like a game of basketball than football. To put the cherry on the cake, the game was decided by an iconic John Terry slip in the Russian rain.

Spain 4 Italy 0- 2012

This was perhaps one of the most complete footballing performances from the Spanish national team. Completely dismantling a strong Italian side in the Euro 2012 final. This game was meant to be close after the Italians had flown past the Germans in the semi fans. This game was not even a contest as Spain managed to cruise to their third major tournament victory in a row.

Manchester City 4 Tottenham Hotspur 3- 2019

This game was genuinely indescribable; the first leg was 1-0 in the favor of Tottenham, but the second leg was already sitting at 3-2 for Man City after twenty minutes. This turned to 4-3 coming into the 94th minute, Man City needed one more goal to progress to the semi-finals and they found it… Only to have the goal ruled out by VAR.

Liverpool 3 Ac Milan 3- 2005

Perhaps the greatest comeback in football history. Liverpool found themselves 3-0 down at half time. After what must have been a tense team talk, Liverpool came roaring back in the second half to make the game 3-3 and take it to extra-time. The game went to penalties where Liverpool were eventually victorious.

Hibernian 3 Rangers 2- 2016

Again, a personal favorite of mine this was the game that ended Hibernians 114-year Scottish cup drought. After a topsy turvy game the Hibs captain headed home in the final minute to bring pure jubilation to Easter Road faithful.

5 Awesome Football Tricks to Impress Your Friends

Whether you’re on the Astro Turf in an 11 v 11 match or slumming it in the streets in a personal 5 a-side you always want to have an edge on your opponents. We all want to try our best to be the next Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo which means learning what skills it takes to be the best!

Standing out is hard, and when you break it down to its individual pieces it isn’t the boots or the kit, it’s pure skill that’ll gift you that shiny trophy at the end of season. So, without further ado here’s five awesome tricks that you can learn right now!


We may be starting out with this one but by no means does this mean that it’s the easiest. This one has nothing to do with your feet at all! For this move you have to know a but about your own back. There is an indent between your collar bone and your back muscles where the ball can be ‘stalled’. There are alternate ways you can perform this manoeuvre one way is if the ball is directly in front of you the other at the side, you can then move the ball between shoulders if you want to add a bit of flare to it!

Toe bounce

Most of the moves require the knowledge of a base move to combine into a bigger and better one, this one doesn’t. One of the most iconic skills is the toe bounce. This skill requires you to start bouncing the ball between each leg, once you have a nice rhythm going you kick the ball off your right foot to your left lifting the right foot immediately on contact so that when the ball lands to the left foot you can encircle it with the right. This is a good idle move to wow even off the turf.

Henry Flick

Now that we’ve got some experience we can move on to a more difficult move. Named for Thierry Henry, this move consists on putting pressure on the ball with your dominant foot, then almost rolling your foot back on the ball whilst moving. Then immediately reverse that movement rolling the ball forward and behind your heel which you then flick over your head, voila a cool trick to wow anybody on the street!

Mouse Trap

Unlike the others, this trick aims more to fool your opponent. What your adversary wants is for you to lose control of the ball, which essentially what you’re going to give them. For this trick start with your dominant foot and roll it passed your weaker foot. Without touching the ball use your dominant foot to draw a circle above the ball once, catch it then pull it back. This is a fake-out so that you can slip it through your opponents’ legs whilst they look for an opportunity to gain possession.

The Triangle

You begin this trick with a roll, roll the ball across your body to your other foot. Now that the ball is on the outside of your other foot, you can now use the outside to kick the ball above the heads of your mates. This is a really good trick to get past those determined defenders.


All in all, whether you use these tricks to bamboozle your mates, or just to add some style to humiliate any player that dares to try and get the ball.

To watch far more experienced players do tricks you can watch any football live stream and remember. TAKE NOTES!