Top Tips for a Career in Sports

Starting a sports career can be a complicated task, depending on the area you wish to work in, it can take years to make a success of yourself. Working in sports is no longer just about competing, there is a strong business element to the industry and there are many opportunities such as advertising, catering, managing events and looking after the players to name a few. My first tip would have to be to choose which area you would like to work in and begin thinking about what makes you a good fit to work in said role.

The Fields

For someone who wants to work as a sports player – find out who is hot right now, which player is doing well and why. You can do this by keeping up to date with media reports or even by looking at xshn results at xosovui to see who is leading their team to success. Doing this can allow you to see what you need to make it as a decent player and it also gives you someone to aspire to be like.


For someone who wants to work on the business side – the complicated business element behind most sports is often overlooked, when in fact it is one of the more vital elements. It not only allows the smooth management of the sports team but generates a lot of revenue, with many functions and events being run for the team there is a huge need for a competent manager to ensure everything goes to plan.


A final piece of advice for someone who wants to work in the sports industry would be, ensure you make a good first impression and don’t hold back when it comes to showing your personality, whether your running events or competing in sports how you are perceived by others can be crucial for your success.

The Seiko 5 Sports Watch Reviewed in Full

The Seiko watch brand has been at the top of the sports watch industry for decades, and the Seiko 5 sports watch is a very big reason for this. For a bit of context, Seiko launched the Sportimatic 5 way back in 1963 to give people in the possibility of owning an affordable watch that had all the current best technology. The watch has of course been relaunched every so often to keep up with the various advances In technology over the years. The “5” in the name comes from the 5 specs that all of the watches have: automatic movement; significant water resistance; a robust case; a day-date complication in a single window; a receded 4 o’clock crown. In 1968, Seiko put all these traits into a new watch – the Seiko 5 Sports watch.


All the cases for the new 5 Sports are stainless steel, and you can even have rose-gold color coating or black color hard-coating if you want to change things up a bit. The cases are water-resistant to 100m, a far cry from the models from the 60s, and the fronts are made of Hardlex crystals which unfortunately aren’t as scratch-resistant as sapphire crystals. This does bring the cost down, however. The case backs are transparent with a 4R36 caliber, providing ample capabilities that you can show off to fellow watch enthusiasts.


In regard to style, the Suits Style is absolutely perfect. Although some people have objected to some of the colors, such as the faux-patinated lume in particular, they are mostly very slick. They are perfect for creating a casual-dressy look, which is what many people visualize when thinking of watches.

Overall, the new Seiko 5 range has built on its predecessors fantastically with little to no faults – it’s got to be 5 stars from us.