5 Awesome Football Tricks to Impress Your Friends

Whether you’re on the Astro Turf in an 11 v 11 match or slumming it in the streets in a personal 5 a-side you always want to have an edge on your opponents. We all want to try our best to be the next Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo which means learning what skills it takes to be the best!

Standing out is hard, and when you break it down to its individual pieces it isn’t the boots or the kit, it’s pure skill that’ll gift you that shiny trophy at the end of season. So, without further ado here’s five awesome tricks that you can learn right now!


We may be starting out with this one but by no means does this mean that it’s the easiest. This one has nothing to do with your feet at all! For this move you have to know a but about your own back. There is an indent between your collar bone and your back muscles where the ball can be ‘stalled’. There are alternate ways you can perform this manoeuvre one way is if the ball is directly in front of you the other at the side, you can then move the ball between shoulders if you want to add a bit of flare to it!

Toe bounce

Most of the moves require the knowledge of a base move to combine into a bigger and better one, this one doesn’t. One of the most iconic skills is the toe bounce. This skill requires you to start bouncing the ball between each leg, once you have a nice rhythm going you kick the ball off your right foot to your left lifting the right foot immediately on contact so that when the ball lands to the left foot you can encircle it with the right. This is a good idle move to wow even off the turf.

Henry Flick

Now that we’ve got some experience we can move on to a more difficult move. Named for Thierry Henry, this move consists on putting pressure on the ball with your dominant foot, then almost rolling your foot back on the ball whilst moving. Then immediately reverse that movement rolling the ball forward and behind your heel which you then flick over your head, voila a cool trick to wow anybody on the street!

Mouse Trap

Unlike the others, this trick aims more to fool your opponent. What your adversary wants is for you to lose control of the ball, which essentially what you’re going to give them. For this trick start with your dominant foot and roll it passed your weaker foot. Without touching the ball use your dominant foot to draw a circle above the ball once, catch it then pull it back. This is a fake-out so that you can slip it through your opponents’ legs whilst they look for an opportunity to gain possession.

The Triangle

You begin this trick with a roll, roll the ball across your body to your other foot. Now that the ball is on the outside of your other foot, you can now use the outside to kick the ball above the heads of your mates. This is a really good trick to get past those determined defenders.


All in all, whether you use these tricks to bamboozle your mates, or just to add some style to humiliate any player that dares to try and get the ball.

To watch far more experienced players do tricks you can watch any football live stream and remember. TAKE NOTES!